Acne in your 40s? Here is a therapy that helps

backMany women find that their acne comes back when they are in their 40s and no one is too sure why. It could be hormonal or stress related but whatever the cause it is also becoming more common.

Lumie Clear light therapy provides a gentle treatment for skin that might be a bit more fragile than it was and take longer to recover from damage. The blue light kills the bacteria and the red light soothes the inflammation providing rapid relief.

We asked Sandy from Edinburgh, one of the first to trial Lumie Clear how she felt to be in her 40s and still not to have “grown out of acne” as promised.

She says: “I turned to Lumie clear light in desperation and I’m so glad I did. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it! “Basically had moderate acne for nearly 30 years but it’s been controlled over most of that time by various medicines. Then a few years ago it got worse, which seems to be fairly common in women in their 40’s and nothing I tried, up to and including Roaccutane, worked for longer than a few months.

“The light therapy hasn’t completely cured the spots, but I get far less and when they do come they’re more like pimples rather than the cystic acne I had before. “It might not work for everyone, and you really have to stick to a routine with it, but I’d definitely recommend it. I wish I’d tried it years ago.

“Plus the customer service has been great!”