Acne making you depressed?

Rainbow - AM copyright Sept 2014 Acne can impact on wellbeing, including mood and self-esteem if left untreated.

Dr Rakesh Patalay, consultant dermatologist, says having acne for a considerable time period can have emotional and physical implications if left untreated:

In the teenage years many people expect to get acne and so they just take it as part of life,  but as you get older if you still have acne it has quite a large impact on the quality of aspects of your life. It can affect your ability to work.”

In one study patients with acne were found to be suffering from high depression and anxiety levels, intense social anxiety and social avoidance/withdrawal symptoms, and low self-esteem*.

The researchers concluded: “Acne vulgaris must be considered as an illness with the potential to negatively affect the psychological and emotional functioning of patients; therefore, routine psychiatric evaluation and psychological support should be part of the routine acne treatment plan.”

Dr Rakesh Patalay adds: “Having acne is a significantly under reported burden. It affects a large number of people and it is often under treated and unnecessarily so and that has implications.”

Seeing the light improves acne and depression

Light therapy, in the form of Lumie Clear, was the cure for Flower’s acne and helped improve her wellbeing.

Flower explains:

“I am 27 and until not so long ago was seriously depressed about my condition of my skin. I was trying every new cream, serum or lotion. Some worked some didn’t, some helped for a short while.  I know for sure Lumie made a positive difference. It’s very easy and convenient (I usually read or watch tv when Lumie-ing ). I saw a difference after 2 weeks! I still have the odd spot, now and again, but they are small and disappear quickly. If you have a problem with spots and its ruining your confidence you have nothing to lose. When I think about all the money I spend for all the “miracle cures” which didn’t make a difference I only wish I discover it earlier.

“Lumie was one of the best things I could get for my acne prone skin.”

Josephine also suffered acne since the age of 14 and is now 20. It affected her confidence and left her feeling unable to leave the house.

Josephine reflects: “It is shocking how much a skin condition can affect your life, there have been times I have not wanted to leave the house for days at a time because I was so paranoid about what people thought of my skin. I read about Lumie in a magazine whilst on holiday and ordered it as soon as I arrived home. I used to religiously for 15/30 min a day, for three months. The results are outstanding.

“Lumie has been my LIFE SAVER!”

Lumie Clear is a portable hand-held device, which uses a clinically proven combination of red and blue light to target spots and help soothe skin**. It is a certified medical product and is safe to use whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.

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*Yolac Yarpuz, A., Demirci Saadet, A., Erdi Sanli, H., Devrimci Ozguven, H. (2008) Social Anxiety Level in Acne Vulgaris Patients and its Relationship to Clinical Variables. Turkish Journal of Psychiatry; 19(1).

**Clinical trials conducted by Dr Chu and his dermatology team, at Hammersmith Hospital, showed that combining blue and red light at specific bandwidths were most effective at treating bacteria that cause acne. Lumie worked with these dermatogists to design Lumie Clear as a medically certified home treatment device. (Papageorigius P, Katsambas A, Chu A, Phototherapy with blue (415 nm) and red (660 nm) light in the treatment of acne vulgaris. Br J Dermatol, 2000 May; 142(5);973-8.)