How can I have clear skin for my wedding photographs

clear skin for my wedding

Wedding photographs can be retouched but better to feel confident with clear skin for your wedding day

Katie says: “I was so determined to have clear skin for my wedding day that I used light therapy as part of my beauty care regime”. The odd spot can be concealed, but if you have suffered from acne before then a breakout in the run up to your big day can be a serious concern. Light therapy device Lumie Clear is proven to be an effective treatment for acne with dramatic results being seen within 12 weeks.

Katie says: “I brought the Lumie Clear in absolute desperation after years of antibiotics, creams and different skin care ‘cures’. Five weeks on my skin is looking clearer than it has been in a long time and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it keeps going that way until the wedding!

“Suffering with bad skin has been my biggest worry leading up to the wedding – everyone kept saying to me that it would be fine as photos can be retouched, but that’s not really the point!”

Lumie Clear is the only home light therapy treatment to use a clinically-proven1 combination of blue and red light. Blue light kills the bacteria that causes acne and red light soothes the skin.

Lumie Clear is recommended by dermatologists and it has been developed by Lumie, a light therapy company that has over 20 years of experience in producing light treatments for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and sleeping problems.

Jonathon Cridland, founder of Lumie says: “When we designed Lumie Clear we were keen to create a light therapy treatment that was compact and portable as well as effective. We wanted acne sufferers to be able to enjoy in the privacy of their own home the benefits that were previously only available from specialist dermatologists and spas.

In clinical trials1 all trialists saw a 76% improvement in the appearance of their skin in less than 12 weeks, with many users seeing improvements within 4 weeks.

Lumie Clear is a non-invasive method to treat acne and can be used on its own or alongside existing treatments. It is a certified medical device, and like all Lumie products, is safe to use during pregnancy.

Lumie Clear retails at £149 and is available from on a 45-day money-back guarantee or from leading high street retailers such as Boots.