Keep that holiday feeling for your skin

sunny drawingGetting out in the sunshine can do more than lift your mood and many acne sufferers find their skin improves over the summer holidays. Whilst this can be a temporary benefit, it’s possible to maintain your glowing holiday skin with light therapy.

Your skin is protected by an oily substance called sebum that’s produced in follicles deep in your skin. Too much sebum blocks the pores which can then become infected by a bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes or P.acnes for short. P.acnes feeds by releasing enzymes that digest sebum but these enzymes also damage skin cell walls. This triggers the body’s immune response, the pores become inflamed and you start to feel a tender spot developing under your skin before it erupts at the surface.

The good news is that P.acnes can be killed by light, specifically visible blue light, which doesn’t harm the rest of the skin. The bacteria produces a tiny, light-reactive molecule called porphyrin in large amounts and this absorbs the blue light and converts it to heat energy… that kills the bacteria. It’s possible to give your skin the right kind of light even in the depths of winter with Lumie Clear.

This light therapy bathes your skin with both blue and red light, a combination that has been clinically proven to kill P.acnes and reduce inflammation. Unlike powerful creams or antibiotics light therapy does not damage your skin or your immune system and there’s none of the UV found in natural daylight, making it safe to use all year around.