Back in February, we posted a blog about Ella,  a teacher in her mid-fifties, who’d tried everything in her battle against acne and was just starting to use Lumie Clear. Ella had been trying to get rid of a small but very stubborn patch of acne on her cheek for over a decade.  It seemed to take hold in the aftermath of a huge under-skin boil in that area, which was almost certainly triggered by simultaneous dissertation and house-moving stress, and possibly hormone treatment for endometriosis as well.  It hadn’t responded to antibiotics, cosmeceuticals for cyst-y kind of spots, or prescription creams and Ella was anxious to avoid Roaccutane because of its potential side effects.

Ella successfully completed her ‘See the Difference Challenge’ using Lumie Clear over a 12 week period and now we’re delighted to share her progress with you.


light therapy and cosmeceuticals

Ella’s skin before using Lumie Clear

Ella used Lumie Clear for 15 minutes intensively on the problem area daily. After an initial flare-up, her skin settled down and by the third week Ella was reporting that the problem area was flatter and less bumpy under the skin:

“A very nasty spot on my lower cheek has almost vanished, and more quickly than normal, and the general porridge-like lumpiness has flattened down as well.”

By the sixth week Ella could see that Lumie Clear was slowly but surely improving her skin with daily use: “Using Lumie Clear each day, the bad red spot from last week is flattening out and drying up a bit quicker than this kind of spot would have done without Lumie. I now have another new spot trying to pop up near my mouth.  I’m continuing to treat my forehead separately, and an old, scarred cyst-y spot continues to flatten out. ”

Ella was wondering if inevitable hormonal changes at 54 might be contributing to more breaking outs more than usual in other parts of her face.  However, a recent test of follicular activity level through the G.P. confirmed that she is not yet menopausal.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Ella Wk 11

Ella’s skin at week 11

Here’s a picture of Ella’s skin at week 11 and these are her observations at this stage:

“Warmer weather means a better lit selfie! As a result, perhaps you get a better idea of the texture of my under-skin lumps, but this actually is an improvement on earlier weeks. Some of my earlier photos weren’t really able to show this, despite the skin being worse. There seem to be fewer lumps now, in a rather smaller area, and the ones that are there are flatter. This is good!”

At the end of the challenge Ella’s acne hadn’t completely cleared up but Lumie Clear had helped in managing it, both in the bad area in her selfies, and other parts of her face: “I’ve found it’s important to keep the working surface clean. It seemed that if I was a bit lazy with this, that overall effectiveness was reduced and at one point I possibly spread infection to another part of my face! This week, the bad area on my right cheek feels as if an infection is brewing again underneath the skin, but overall, the lumpiness is reduced. So I’ll continue to use Lumie as part of my skincare routine.”