How can you reduce redness caused by acne?

LumieUserMaleSmallRedness caused by acne can be as big a problem as the spots. It is caused by an inflammatory reaction to cell damaged by the bacteria P.acnes and can make the spots look more noticeable even under concealer.  The inflammation can be soothed by red light at certain frequencies and the improvement can be rapid according to contributors to the Lumie forum.

Here are just a few of their comments:

Lizi posted:

Just finished the 12 week trial of Lumie clear, with incredible results. Clear is great at reducing redness and pain from acne – in fact, I’ve noticed that just one treatment (skin contact is best) significantly reduces the inflammation and redness.

“Speaking as someone who has suffered chronic acne for more than 10 years and tried almost every treatment under the sun … I can HIGHLY recommend light therapy! Easy to use and very effective!”

Optimistic1968 posted:

Me and my sister have been using Lumie Clear for a week and our skin isn’t as red as it was before. The glasses are a little awkward but you only have to wear them when you have the light near or shining in your eyes. I have used it direct on my skin for 15 minutes each part of my face and it showed straight away, the redness was reduced and my sister and me have used it with the stand for 30 minutes on our face but the stand still needs to be quite near to your skin, 10 cm or so so I am still trying to get placing the stand right. I think I prefer direct on my skin and after 1 week I can see results…”

Leeds Lass posted:

“All is still going well with my 12 week Lumie Clear treatment plan. I got a couple of fresh spots this week but no big clusters containing lots of pimples and my skin overall looks so much clearer and brighter than it did before I started using the Lumie.”

Daisy2 posted:

“I tried 3 kinds of antibiotics, 3 different prescription creams, the pill and goodness only knows how many washes/spot sticks etc. Some of them worked to an extent, but nothing got rid of my spots completely.

“I was sceptical about Lumie but decided to give it a go, and over the 3 month period (and for some time after) my skin improved to the point where I no longer needed make-up or worried about getting spots because my skin was completely sorted!

“1 year on it’s still great, I still use the Lumie and am thinking of buying a back-up just in case the company ever stops selling it. I would recommend it in an instant – I had all sorts of spots (whiteheads, blackheads, cysts) and it worked on all of them, and it’s saved me a fortune now that I don’t need prescriptions or face-washes any more.”

To keep you motivated and share your experiences with others, you might like to look up the See the Difference Challenge to see how other Lumie Clear users are noticing an improvement in their skin.

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