Lumie Clear shines the light

Daisy See the Difference Challenge Comparison Daisy Dykes developed acne for the first time in her early twenties. Struggling with depression and keen to find a natural solution Daisy discovered Lumie Clear, a form of light therapy to treat her acne, which she could easily fit into her daily skincare routine.

Daisy begins; “throughout my teens I had beautifully clear skin so I found it incredibly hard when I started experiencing problems with my skin just after my 21st birthday, which was when I came off the contraceptive pill.

“I felt incredibly self-conscious about my breakouts and found it difficult to talk to anyone about it.

“Initially I used Clinique, which have a special blemish range, but this made it ten times worse.

“I was very put off trying products after that so I went back to my GP and was tried on a couple of different contraceptive pills but none helped.”

The combined oral contraceptive pill, often simply called ‘the pill’, can be effective for some women in treating their acne. It contains artificial versions of the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone, which women produce naturally in their ovaries.

However the pill can have side-effects. According to the NHS disadvantages of the pill include: temporary side-effects at first, such as headaches, nausea, breast tenderness and mood swings, increase in blood pressure, breakthrough bleeding and an increased risk of some serious health conditions, such as thrombosis (blood clots) and breast cancer.

“After six months I tried antibiotics and topical creams from the GP. They did eventually help but as well as taking a long time before being effective, when I stopped the treatments my acne returned.”

Daisy found herself in catch-22; wanting to treat her acne as she knew she could to get results but not wanting to suffer unnecessary side-effects.

“I didn’t want to continue taking antibiotics or the topical creams because of the bad side-effects they can have on your body. Plus they weren’t a long-term solution.

Side-effects associated with these acne treatments, according to the NHS, include: dry and tense skin, burning sensation, and peeling of the skin and an increased chance of photosensitivity.

“I really wanted to find something natural with no side-effects. I found out about Lumie Clear and it appealed to me as non-invasive and gentle. Plus I liked the fact of it being an ‘at-home treatment’.

Daisy started using Lumie Clear on a daily basis for 15 minutes to treat the acne on her face: “I always use Lumie Clear at the same time every evening so it has become part of my routine, usually just before I go to sleep I like to do it whilst reading or watching television.

“Within two weeks of using Lumie Clear and I saw an improvement, although not at a stage yet where I could go out make-up ‘free’. About week 6 I started to see a real difference in texture. I wasn’t developing as many new spots and my skin was less red and calmer.”

Now 12 weeks on, and having completed Lumie’s See the Difference Challenge, Daisy feels more confident about her skin and is happy to be seen without full make-up on: “Lumie Clear is continuing to help my skin and I am feeling very positive. My skin feels smooth in texture and no itchiness or redness.

“Yes I’d definitely recommend Lumie Clear and already have. It’s a hassle free solution and easy to bring into your normal skincare routine.”