“Now I am happy to be seen without make up and I’m back to my old self.”

Sam Jones sees the difference with Lumie Clear

Sam’s skin before and after her ‘See the Difference’ challenge using Lumie Clear

This was Sam Jones’ comment at the end of her Lumie Clear ‘See the Difference’ Challenge. Before using Lumie Clear, Sam had run out of options for treating her acne which had worsened to the point where it was really affecting her confidence. Here’s Sam’s story:


“I’m 23 and live in Hunts Cross, Liverpool with my partner, Joe. We recently bought our first house together and moved in at the end of January. We have 3 house rabbits- Bran, Taffy and Ivor. The two of us founded a business together whilst at university and I now work with Enterprise Societies and enterprising students in colleges around the North West.


I have had oily, slightly spot-prone skin since an early age, with the odd blemish now and then, but it wasn’t until I was 19 years old in 2010 that I realised my skin had become worse and that in fact I had developed acne. My GP prescribed antibiotics initially, but these failed to make any real difference and my skin remained problematic. In my second year of University, in the summer of 2012, I saw another GP who prescribed the combined pill to treat my acne – I had great success with this and my skin was clear for around 18 months. I was then told I couldn’t stay on the tablets any longer as I had reached the maximum recommended usage period so I came off the tablets in around August 2014. Not long after this, my skin worsened quickly and by the start of November 2014, my skin was in such a state I paid to see a private dermatologist who put me back on the combined pill for an initial 1 month period. Just before Christmas 2014 I found myself looking online for other solutions as the pill hadn’t yet made any difference – I came across the Lumie website and decided I may as well give Lumie Clear a go.


I received my Lumie Clear the day before Christmas Eve and started using it straight away that evening. I was pleasantly surprised the next day when I woke up to a significant improvement in my skin already, the previously angry red lumps under the skin had reduced and the area around my jaw line which had been most troublesome was no longer painful. I continued to use the Lumie every night for around 2 months and the difference I noticed was astonishing – so much so that I never went back on to the pill. After the first 2 months, I found that I could happily reduce my usage of the Lumie to  other night and now, around 6 months later, my skin remains mostly clear and I now use the Lumie around once or twice a week just to help with a recurrent patch of blemishes near my jawline.


Looking at photos of my skin from before the trial, I can’t believe my skin was ever so bad! I couldn’t recommend Lumie Clear highly enough.”