Roaccutane side-effects mean I am looking for gentle alternative

antibioticsRoaccutane (Isotretinoin) is considered the antibiotic of last resort for acne sufferers as it can cause drying of the skin and other side-effects including an unsubstantiated link, with severe depression, especially in susceptible individuals.

This means that some people that have taken antibiotics for acne over a number of years like ‘Denise’ who posted on the Lumie forum, are cautious about trying something new.

Denise says: “I’ve had acne in some form or other since the age of 15 (now 33) and have had antibiotics, topical retinoids, roaccutane, Dianette, and Yasmin most recently.

“The OCPs were the most effective treatment for me and I absolutely would not take a repeat course of roaccutane due to the side effects.

“I stopped taking Yasmin a little while ago in the hope that my skin would have “settled” by now. Whilst my acne is nowhere near as bad as it was at its worst, I still get regular spots and in the hope I don’t need to go back on medication,

“I thought I’d give Lumie Clear a try after reading reviews. I have just got it today and am looking forward to seeing what effect it has on my skin.

 “I cleansed my face before the first use earlier this evening but was wondering whether I should use it before applying moisturiser, after, or whether it doesn’t really matter?!

“My skin is a bit weird in that it is very acne prone but also can be very dry in places (thanks to roaccutane) so if I don’t put moisturiser on after cleansing, my skin feels really tight and uncomfortable.”

It is good to hear from new users and we are pleased to provide some advice.

We would recommend removing any make-up and cleansing your face before using Lumie Clear. Once you’ve treated your affected acne area with Lumie Clear for the recommended time you can then apply your moisturiser and make-up as normal.

Just remember to use the googles if you are using Lumie near your eyes and give it a wipe clean between uses, especially if you are using it directly against your skin.

To keep you motivated and share your experiences with others, you might like to look up the See the Difference Challenge to see how other Lumie Clear users are noticing an improvement in their skin.

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