Enter the ‘See the Difference Challenge’

Lumie Clear light therapy treatment for acne

Chance to win a luxury hotel break

Be skin confident in 12 weeks by taking part in our ‘See the Difference Challenge’!

Lumie Clear is a red and blue light therapy that has been clinically proven to improve the appearance of your skin and treat acne.

Just purchase your Lumie Clear and then use it every day. Think of a time when it can fit into your routine – for example when you are sitting at a desk or checking social media on your phone.

You should see a difference after just a few days and a significant improvement in 12 weeks or less.

To give you added incentive, opt into the ‘See the Difference Challenge’ when you order your Lumie Clear for a chance to win a luxury hotel break.

Just email us a quick selfie each week for 12 weeks with an update on your progress. Others will also be doing it so you can gain encouragement from them.

Sam says after week three: “I’m so happy with my progress so far! I’ve continued to notice a significant improvement in my skin . … my acne is so much less painful than it was before. I’ve also noticed a great reduction in the number of spots which have developed and those which do dare to make an appearance are smaller and quicker to disappear than they used to be.”

Read more about the See the Difference Challenge and buy your Lumie Clear here.