See the Difference Challenge


Congratulations to everyone who completed the Lumie Clear ‘See the Difference Challenge’!

We promised skin confidence by the end of 12 weeks – did Lumie Clear deliver? We’re delighted to report that everyone who took part saw an improvement and were much happier with their skin at the end of the trial.

Using Lumie Clear for just 15 minutes a day quickly delivers a reduction in redness and scarring, a quicker healing process when new spots appear and softer skin. Just find a time when it can fit into your routine – for example when you are sitting at a desk or checking social media on your phone.

You should see a difference after just a few days and a significant improvement in 12 weeks or less. If you’re not sure, buy Lumie Clear from us and you’ll benefit from a 45 day free home trial. It’s completely safe and natural to use and can be used alongside existing treatments. Just double check nothing you’re already using causes photosensitivity.


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Lumie Clear See the Difference Daisy before and after‘Lumie is continuing to help my skin and can almost go out without having to wear make-up. My skin still feels smooth in texture and no itchiness/redness since using Lumie.’ Daisy

‘Really pleased and will continue to use this method as it works!’ Zoe

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Sam Jones sees the difference with Lumie Clear

Twitter competition to win Lumie Clear!

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Have you got acne that you can’t get rid of? Are you fed up with pills and potions that don’t work and maybe even give you unpleasant side effects? Then…

Sam Jones sees the difference with Lumie Clear

“Now I am happy to be seen without make up and I’m back to my old self.”

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This was Sam Jones’ comment at the end of her Lumie Clear ‘See the Difference’ Challenge. Before using Lumie Clear, Sam had run out of options for treating her acne…

Lumie Clear See the Difference Ella Wk 11

Hope for older women affected by acne

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Back in February, we posted a blog about Ella,  a teacher in her mid-fifties, who’d tried everything in her battle against acne and was just starting to use Lumie Clear….

Lumie Clear See the Difference

“Find time to fit it into your routine and you’ll see benefits” – battling acne with light therapy

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23 year old Sophie* has been battling acne for years. Sophie has recently completed Lumie Clear’s ‘See the Difference’ Challenge. Here she tells her story. “After years of battling acne…