Lumie Clear See the Difference Amy Wk 1

Week 1 diary comment

I’m suffering with lots of hard bumps and pimples around my jaw – sometimes they can be quite painful. It’s pretty hormonal acne but I don’t just get breakouts around ‘that time of the month’ – I suffer the entire month! Whilst I’m trying to balance my hormones internally with a healthy diet and supplements I’m hoping the Lumie Clear will help improve soreness/inflammation and reduce pigment scarring from old blemishes! Can’t wait to see some results with Lumie Clear
Lumie Clear See the Difference Amy Wk 2

Week 2 diary comment

My skin is so much smoother, less inflamed and I’ve had no new sore, cystic spots, just a few tiny whiteheads. This was also my “PMS” week too so I’m amazed at the improvement despite this! My skin usually breaks out terribly this time of the month so I’m over the moon! I’m still taking Vitamin B, Zinc and Magnesium to help with other PMS symptoms (including acne) everyday and this month I’ve been PMS free!
Lumie Clear See the Difference Week 3

Week 3 diary comment

My skin’s looking so much calmer than it was last week! I can’t believe how quickly I’m seeing results, I think my already healthy diet and simple natural and organic skincare routine is helping my skin to repair and heal extra fast. I’m still getting some spots right under my jaw but they’re coming and going within 3 days when they used to stick around for 7+ days. I think these new spots were ones that had been lurking under the surface and have just come to a head as I could feel the skin under my jaw was quite bumpy at the beginning of the week. I’ve also noticed that the cycle of my spot formation has changed since using the Lumie Clear, my spots are now small pimples for a day or so then quickly turn to pustules (so hard not to pick and pop at this stage!) which clear within another 2 days just leaving a flat pigmentation mark whereas they used to just be sore deep cystic pimples that would hang around for ages – sometimes 2 weeks! I’m looking forward to seeing what next week brings!
Lumie Clear See the Difference Amy Wk 4

Week 4 diary comment

I had a small breakout this week (you can see one in the picture!) but the blemishes are nowhere near as big or sore as they used to be and come-and-go much quicker. My face is feeling much smoother and the red pigmentation marks are slowly fading!

Lumie Clear See the Difference Wk 5

Week 5 diary comment

My skin’s continuing to improve, the hyper pigmentation marks are slowly fading and any blemishes that crop up are really small and disappear really quickly. I’ve had NO tender, cystic acne for 3 weeks now! I used to get them on my jaw line and sides of my chin and I could feel them when I spoke/moved my face. This week is the dreaded PMS week so I’m hoping I can get through it with no major breakouts as this coming week would usually be a nightmare for my skin!

Lumie Clear See the Difference Amy Week 6

Week 6 diary comment

Things are continuing to improve; I had a few spots appear this week (it was PMS week so I expected it!) but looking back and analysing my previous photos I noticed many of the blemishes that have come to a head this week were previously just red marks so I’m hoping these are the final few spots to break the surface, do their thing, then go away! The redness from previous spots are fading and I’m achieving a much more even tone around my jaw. The main thing I noticed this week was the spots under my are jaw clearing up; you can’t really see them from the pictures but I had constant spots and lumps under my jaw, even on week 3 when my cheeks looked calmer, there was lots of lumps hidden under my jaw. This week I noticed my jaw line felt much much smoother and I currently only have one spot!

Lumie Clear See the Difference Amy Week 7

Week 7 diary comment

Things are still improving every week! Last week a couple of colleagues mentioned how good my skin was looking! A cluster of tiny whiteheads popped up this week but looking back at previous photos, I think these have been lurking as a red mark for a while, they’ve just finally reached the surface.