Week 3 diary comment

This was just before I used the Lumie Clear today for 15 mins. As you can see my skin is looking very red. I’ve got a feeling it might be from this spot treatment I am also using at the moment; I am going to lay off it for a few days. Anyway, my acne is particularly bad on the right side of my face around the chin and jawline area. The overall texture is improving but there are still lots of marks and redness.

Daisy had already been using her Lumie Clear a couple of weeks when she started her ‘See the Difference’ Challenge. So, while this is her first week recording her progress, we’re marking it as Week 3. 

Week 4 diary comment

Same area as before; have been still using Lumie Clear as normal (15 min a day). I have seen a slight improvement in the last few days, I haven’t had any new spots in the last few days and the redness seems to be going down.

Week 5 diary comment

As you can see, still quite a lot of redness and a few spots, but I am seeing a difference in the number of new spots. Last week I felt my skin looked better than this week but I think this may be to do with bad eating habits!

see the difference

Week 6 diary comment

I am definitely seeing a difference – most of my spots are starting to clear. Feeling positive ☺. My skin is feeling good; the texture and redness have definitely improved. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect without make-up but a big improvement, which is so amazing for me as I have suffered for the last two years. I can really start to see it working. No itchiness or inflammation or bumps under the skin which I normally get just before a big spot comes up and (touch wood) only one new spot in that area! Fingers crossed it keeps on improving.

Lumie Clear user

Week 7 diary comment

I am so happy; my skin on this side is still continuing to improve – redness is definitely going down, texture is improving and there are only faded marks. I’ve had one tiny spot but that’s it – nothing like before. Really happy to start seeing a difference☺. Also I am still continuing to use Lumie Clear for 15 minutes per day on the same area.

Week 8diary comment

Still continuing to see a difference in appearance and texture of the right side of my face but still having a few breakouts. Each week is different – last week it was pretty much clear, this week is different but I will say I have been under a bit of stress recently and also missed a few nights of using Lumie Clear. Although I still feel happy with my skin at this stage I am not at the point yet of going out makeup-free which is what I want to achieve using Lumie Clear. There are still red marks – I’m hoping these will fade with continued use.

Week 9 diary comment

My skin in this area is still continuing to improve; I have had a few new spots due to bad diet. Lumie is still helping to keep my spots at bay and my skin feeling smooth. I feel I am nearly there with fading old marks using Lumie every day. I am yet to go out with no make-up – I hope I can do this soon.

Lumie Clear See The Difference Challenge Daisy Week 8

Week 10 diary comment

Lumie Clear is continuing to help clear faded marks and keep spots away. Feeling positive 🙂

Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Daisy Week 9

Week 11 diary comment

My marks are clearing up quickly now. Feeling very positive it will continue. Still using 15 mins per day on same area.

See the Difference challenger Daisy Week 10

Week 12 diary comment

Lumie is continuing to help my skin and can almost go out without having to wear makeup. My skin still feels smooth in texture and no itchiness/redness since using Lumie.