light therapy and cosmeceuticals

Week 1 diary comment

I have a small but very stubborn patch of middle-aged acne (for past 10+ years), and it won’t respond to antibiotics, cosmeceuticals for cyst-y kind of spots, or prescription creams. I want to avoid the nuclear option of Roaccutane and can’t risk the likely side effects of that, especially as the patch is relatively small and bad flare ups are not as frequent as for some people. But there’s never a good time for them to happen.

I just happened to see the Lumie website, bought a refurbished Clear, and I am really hoping that it can do what nothing else has managed to do, and clear this up.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Ella week 2

Week 2 diary comment

My right cheek is lumpier and spottier than a week ago. There are bigger spotty clumps under the skin in the main area, and single ones spreading towards my ear including a nasty one on the jaw and an under-skin spot close to my ear. I’m going to avoid squeezing during Lumie treatment, even though some would squeeze out. And I’ll keep going, as maybe it’s easier for the Lumie light to treat the infections when they emerge nearer skin level.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Ella week 3

Week 3 diary comment

My skin has settled down considerably during the last week. I’m using the Lumie for 15mins intensively on the problem area, every day. And I have to say that a very nasty spot on my lower cheek has almost vanished, which would be quicker than usual, and the general porridge-like lumpiness has flattened down as well. Maybe the flare-up was a reaction to starting treatment. Certainly, the problem area is flatter and less bumpy under the skin.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Ella week 4

Week 4 diary comment

My right cheek is still looking less puffy and less reactive, although the under-skin white lumps haven’t changed much yet. However, I’ve also been using Lumie for 15 minutes on other more isolated lumps/spots.

I have to say that one on my forehead, which I’ve had for decades, is responding visibly and has become much flatter and less prominent with about a week’s treatment. I actually thought that lump was some kind of cyst I’d be stuck with forever. I was aiming at other smaller lumps, but this got treated anyway! I thought it was a sebaceous cyst (and a doctor told me that acne treatment wouldn’t get rid of it). But it’s responding to Lumie, whatever it is, and I will go on treating it, to see how much of it I can lose!

This gives me hope for the very congested problem area on my cheek.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Ella Week 5

Week 5 diary comment

The main thing I notice this week is that the texture of my skin is much improved. It’s not happened all at once, but the texture over the congested patch feels smoother and softer, and the lumps are less noticeable to the touch. The lumps are still there, but there is a general flattening of the area.

Lumie Clear See The Difference Ella Wk 6

Week 6 diary comment

Using Lumie Clear each day, the bad red spot from last week is flattening out and drying up a bit quicker than this kind of spot would have done without Lumie.  However, I have another new spot trying to pop up near my mouth.  I’m continuing to treat my forehead separately, and an old, scarred cyst-y spot continues to flatten out.   Lumie Clear is slowly but surely improving my skin, with daily use.
Lumie Clear See The Difference Ella Week 7

Week 7 diary comment

This week my bad patch of skin is quite puffy again, and the under-skin spots seem larger and the skin texture  is not so good. The nasty red spot at the top of my cheek is taking its time to go. Using the Lumie Clear has dried it up more quickly than usual, and the other difference is that it hasn’t seeded another one nearby. Normally I would get 3 or 4 of these appearing one after another. So if daily Lumie Clear use is containing it, that is progress.

Lumie Clear See The Difference Ella Wk 8

Week 8 diary comment

The bad red spot is now fading, and hasn’t seeded itself around my face, which is good. The congested under-skin spots/lumps in the middle of my cheek seem more pronounced again this week . . not sure what that means, though I did miss a day’s treatment last week. The skin still feels smoother over them though. It seems that the Lumie Clear needs to be used continually in order to hold infections at bay. Taking days off doesn’t seem to help infections to settle.

Lumie Clear See The Difference Ella Wk 9

Week 9 diary comment

It’s been a week of not much change. Bad red spot is now flatter – just a mark, and hasn’t faded much this week. Under-skin lumps haven’t really settled down again, and I’ve had minor break-outs in other parts of my face, probably hormonal, as it’s the time of the month. So not much to report this time.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Ella Wk 10

Week 10 diary comment

My skin has continued to be unsettled during the last week, with a few more break-outs of isolated spots, including in other parts of my face (again possibly hormonal). However, the main bad patch is calmer again, and the texture much improved and flatter. At the moment I’m mostly treating the bad patch on my right cheek, and my forehead (15 minutes each, per day of close contact treatment directly to the skin). When I have more time, I’ll be treating my skin and chest as well.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Ella Wk 11

Week 11 diary comment

Warmer weather means a better lit selfie! As a result, perhaps you get a better idea of the texture of my under-skin lumps, but this actually is an improvement on earlier weeks. Some of my earlier photos weren’t really able to show this, despite the skin being worse. There seem to be fewer lumps now, in a rather smaller area, and the ones that are there are flatter. This is good!

Lumie Clear See the Difference Wk 12

Week 12 diary comment

Towards the end of testing out Lumie Clear; I have to say that while it hasn’t fully cleared up my middle-aged acne, it has helped in managing it, both in the bad area in my selfies, and other parts of my face. I’ve found that it’s important to keep the working surface clean. It seemed that if I was a bit lazy with this, that overall effectiveness was reduced and at one point I possibly spread infection to another part of my face! This week, the bad area on my right cheek feels as if an infection is brewing again underneath the skin, but overall, the lumpiness is reduced. So I’ll continue to use  Lumie as part of my skincare routine