Week 1 diary comment

My skin has a large patch of spots on each cheek with some lumps and bumps. My chin is the same and there is slight acne on my forehead.

Week 2 diary comment

My skin seems less inflamed and slightly less red. It’s calmer overall.

Jaime week 3

Week 3 diary comment

Not a lot of visible improvement but my skin feels smooth and healthy.

Week 4 diary comment

Still not much change but no new spots.

Week 5 diary comment

A little improvement with no swelling and slightly less redness.

I am enjoying the results although I do find the device quite bulky to use especially as it’s on my cheeks. This means I’m holding it close to my eyes too. If it was smaller (the plastic around the light pane reduced perhaps) and it could charge I think it would be a lot more user friendly.

Hoping I keep seeing improvements!

Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Jaime week 6

Week 6 diary comment

After a short break of treatment and then starting up again, I think my skin is smooth and spots appear faded. There are fewer bumps.

Thank you Lumie!

Lumie Clear See The Difference Jaime Week 7

Week 7 diary comment

Some spots but generally healthy feeling skin.