Lumie Clear See the Difference Jay Pre

Week 1 diary comment

As you can see from the pictures I have had a breakout of some whiteheads that have left redness and scars, if I breakout I usually get one or two whiteheads but this time it has been quite a few that have left noticeable scarring. My skin is also dry because of the treatment I use on the whiteheads which I am hoping I will not have to use any longer after using the Lumie. I used the Lumie today, once for 15 minutes in the morning and once in the evening for 15 minutes, it was easy to use and my face also felt moisturised after use. Can’t wait to see results.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Jay

Week 2 diary comment

As you can see there is a difference within just a week: the redness on the side of my face that I had previously has dramatically improved and the amount of spots has decreased; my skin feels more moisturised and I am glad I don’t have to use overly drying treatments and creams. There is still a minor breakout but I know this device can deal with it.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Jay

Week 3 diary comment

I’ve been using the Lumie consistently for 3 weeks and I can say the frequency of my breakouts has improved; while I was having a breakout almost every day, it has calmed down to a few spots over a course of days. There is still redness and marks but in terms of slowing down the actual spot process this has helped a lot. I am excited to continue using the light to see better results.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Jay

Week 4 diary comment

As you can see, my skin has dramatically improved since week 1 where I had a lot of redness, active spots and scars. I still have breakouts of spots but less frequently than before so hopefully the Lumie is working slowly to kill all the bacteria. I’m glad the redness has improved ultimately as the redness and scarring make it look like the acne is worse than it is. I work full time but still manage to fit Lumie therapy in as I know it is vital in preventing major breakouts. I can’t wait to be clear!