Lumie Clear See The Difference Marie Wk 5

Week 1 diary comment

After having taken the contraceptive pill for 20 years, I decided to stop it 7 months ago. With the pill my skin was perfect. Unfortunately, I have hormonal acne, so 2 months after, my acne came back 🙁 I didn’t want to take more drugs, wanting to find a more natural way of fighting this imbalance. Nothing was working. It was a nightmare…until I tried Lumie Clear! Miracle solution!

Well, to treat each part of my face, it takes a long time: 15 min per mini zone, so for me, I treat the back of the neck in 3 different zones = 45 min. Then the forehead, the temples, the cheeks, the jaws, the neck…10-12×15 minutes minimum! So I have to watch TV every evening during the treatment. And for the nose, I have to wear the goggles to protect my eyes. So in the end, it is very long, but it works! I had very inflammatory acne. All the spots are under the skin, very painful. I squeeze them without any result apart from leaving a mark, extremely frustrating. I had a new spot every day, plus the scars from all the others. It seemed to be an endless fight.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Marie Week 2

Week 2 diary comment

Amazing result already even 4 days after, and now 1 week after. No new spots each day as before the Lumie Clear treatment! I cannot stop myself to squeeze any new spots. All the zones treated with the Lumie Clear are clear! If one spot begins to come, the Lumie Clear fights it so quickly that the spot has not enough time to worsen!

Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Marie week 3

Week 3 diary comment

My skin shows some scars, redness and only a few little new spots. Moreover, it seems to recover quicker than without the Lumie lamp.

Lumie Clear See The Difference Marie Wk 4

Week 4 diary comment

This week I have new spots, but they will probably last for less time than before. I have more scars as well. Let’s see if it gets better with time…

Lumie Clear See The Difference Marie Wk 5

Week 5 diary comment

Let’s wait and see. For the moment the only positive effect I could mention is the shortest length of time for the healing of the skin.
Lumie Clear See The Difference Marie Wk 6

Week 6 diary comment

I find my skin softer, less redness over the cheeks; spots have disappeared leaving scars.
Lumie Clear See the Difference Marie Week 7

Week 7 diary comment

No more new spots, scars have been reduced in colour and size, I can see an improvement on my cheeks.
Lumie Clear See the Difference Wk 8

Week 8 diary comment

Generally a better skin, still some mini spots and mini scars.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Wk 9

Week 9 diary comment

Less spots, just always scars.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Marie Wk 10

Week 10 diary comment

Still not a perfect skin but a lot of progress in terms of general appearance compared with 10 weeks ago!

Lumie Clear See the Difference Wk 11

Week 11 diary comment

Even though I’ve had a lot of stress due to exams, my skin is not worse, so I am pretty happy with its aspect : only some redness. Additionally, the scars are recovering quicker.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Wk 12

Week 12 diary comment

I found it took a long time to use it for all the face; 12 different places cover all the face…So it took too much time to do it every day.
Anyway, I used it on my chosen area of the face and it has worked. My skin is much better now. When a spot appeared, it didn’t stay for long due to this lamp. Moreover, using the lamp has stopped me from touching my skin, which has helped to keep it cleaner and less inflamed. Furthermore, this lamp has helped my scars to heal more quickly and has made my skin softener.