Lumie Clear See the Difference Naomie Rose Wk 1

Week 1 diary comment

Naomi is just starting on her ‘See the Difference Challenge’ using Lumie Clear. This is Naomi’s comment on her ‘before’ picture:

“As promised a pic of my skin – this actually isn’t it at its worst, but it fluctuates quite a lot and I haven’t taken many pics of it before.
I’m excited to try the light out!”
Lumie Clear See the Difference Naomi Rose Wk 2

Week 2 diary comment

Having used the light for a week, I’m really pleased with the results so far. The light makes my skin feel soothed, and I noticed the difference the first time I used it. My skin is much less itchy and inflamed.
On one side my skin has completely cleared up! It’s completely smooth – the bumps on my cheeks and jawline have gone, and I’m just left with the marks from previous breakouts. I have had a pretty full-on outbreak on the other side, but it feels more contained and is clearing much more quickly than it would have done normally.
It’s early days but I’m looking forward to seeing what the results will be after a few more weeks!
Lumie Clear See the Difference Naomi

Week 6 approx diary comment

I’ve been seeing fairly steady improvement in my skin. The spots that come up now are much smaller and clear up much more quickly. I can see my skin slowly beginning to heal – I still have a lot of scars which means it can be hard to see the changes, but I’m hoping in time these will start to fade.