Week 1 diary comment

I’ve just started my challenge this evening. I’ve got my fingers crossed the Lumie Clear will help me.

I first developed acne when I was 19 and was prescribed oral contraceptives for almost two years from the age of 21-23, but I was told this summer I wouldn’t be able to take them any longer. My acne returned, worse than the first time round, and eventually I paid to see a private dermatologist. He told me I would be able to take the same tablets again but they would more than likely take longer to work this time round. Two months in, my acne is worse than ever and more extensive than it was previously; it is now starting cover my cheeks as well as my jawline and neck. It’s very painful, red and angry, and itchy most days, and make-up can only go so far towards covering it up. It really affects my confidence and the sight of it puts me in a horrible mood!

Here’s hoping my Lumie will help! I’m dedicating an hour each night towards using it.

Week 2 diary comment

I’ve been using my Lumie now for a week, every night, and I’m so pleased with the progress already.

From the first use the redness in my acne was significantly reduced and it was an awful lot less angry-looking when I woke up the next morning. The red light worked quickly like you said it would – it was a very pleasant surprise to see a difference after just one use! My skin is well on its way to clearing up and I look forward to the rest of the progress. There’s still a lot of red scarring which makes it look worse than it is still but the surface is so much smoother in texture already.

If the results continue as they have done for this first week I will be so pleased.

Week 3 diary comment

I’m so happy with my progress so far!

I’ve continued to notice a significant improvement in my skin since last week l- mainly in terms of a continued reduction in inflammation and redness which has consequently meant that my acne is so much less painful than it was before. I’ve also noticed a great reduction in the number of spots which have developed and those which do dare to make an appearance are smaller and quicker to disappear than they used to be.

It’s been really easy to use the Lumie, I’ve held it in direct contact with different areas of my skin for around 1-1.5 hrs per night, but I usually spend around that time watching television each evening so I may as well multitask. It’s also worth noting that the Lumie can be easily used whilst reading my Kindle or browsing pinterest on my phone!

My skin has been significantly improved already in the last two weeks and I put this wholly down to the effect of the Lumie Clear. Although I am still taking the tablets prescribed to me, I had been taking them for several months already before I started the challenge and they had shown absolutely no effect at all. It has only been since I started using the Lumie that my skin has shown any improvement. I actually look forward to looking in the mirror each morning now to see the improvement in my acne!

Sam See the Difference Challenge Week 4

Week 4 diary comment

I’ve continued to use the Lumie Clear daily and I’ve seen a continued improvement in my skin.

I now feel as though the Lumie is actually preventing the appearance of new breakouts as well as diminishing any that are already present, which is helping to make my skin significantly clearer overall. Hopefully this is evident from my latest photo! Of course I still have red scarring but this should fade in time.

My skin is still far from perfect but to have already gotten rid of the pain and uneven surface I had because of acne is fantastic. I’m very positive with regards to the continued use of the Lumie, I finally feel as though my skin is looking more like I want it to. It would be lovely to be able to go make up free by the summer- here’s hoping!

Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Sam Week 5

Week 5 diary comment

I’m so happy with how my skin is now; I have a few tiny little blemishes around/under my jawline but apart from that my skin is the clearest it has been in an awfully long time!

I’ve had several people comment recently on my skin who haven’t seen me in a while, they’ve all said how impressed they are by the results of using my Lumie. As I’ve mentioned before I do still have some red scarring over both sides of my face, but hopefully this should fade in time, the surface of my skin is now completely smooth.

I’m continuing to use my Lumie frequently although I have cut the usage down to every other day now and this seems to be plenty to keep my skin clear now.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Sam Week 6

Week 6 diary comment

I was full of cold last week and had a couple of persistent blemishes as a result of being a little bit run down. Using my Lumie concentrates specifically on these two patches helped to keep them from becoming too angry and I believe it helped them clear faster than they would have done otherwise.

My skin has remained predominantly clear and the even better part is, it’s not dry, sore or irritated like it used to be with traditional topical acne treatments.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Sam Week 7

Week 7 diary comment

My skin has remained clear and I have finally been able to book in for a skincare session at a local salon.

I’m not normally one for a lot of fuss in beauty places, but my boyfriend bought me a voucher in November for a facial and it’s taken until now for my skin to feel clear enough to be able to use it. Back in November, the last thing I wanted to do was let somebody see me without make-up on! However, I’m really looking forward to it now! Fingers crossed for some good results.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Sam Week 8

Week 8 diary comment

I was lucky enough to go for a facial last night, as I had received a gift voucher a number of months ago but I hadn’t been brave enough to go for it until now, due to the poor condition of my skin. It’s thanks to using my Lumie that I’m now able to do things like this – I would never have wanted to enter a salon without make up on, let alone travel in public and take the train to the salon bare faced! I used to resent even answering the front door!

I still have acne scarring which I hope will continue to fade over the coming months but I am so pleased with the transformation of my skin. I believe it has helped significantly to rebuild my confidence, which I think has in turn made a difference to my work. I work with students wishing to start their own businesses and often stand in front of a large audience to give presentations. It may be a trivial thing, but knowing I don’t have to worry about my skin really does help.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Sam Week 9

Week 9 diary comment

I’ve been starting to notice a significant difference to my acne scarring over the past week or so – now that my skin is kept clear, the Lumie seems to be helping to clear up the scarring (much quicker than it would usually happen).

Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Sam Week 10

Week 10 diary comment

I still have some acne scarring but compared to how my scarring has faded in the past, the Lumie seems to have greatly reduced the time it would normally take for the marks to fade. The surface of my skin is completely smooth which means that I have been able to swap my usual liquid foundation for a much lighter powder. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to spend ages trying to cover up what was quite severe acne any more.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Sam Wk 11

Week 11 diary comment

There’s nothing too interesting to note about my skin, in a good way! It has remained predominantly clear with only the odd blemish which has been quick to settle down with the continued use of Lumie Clear. I’ve noticed my scarring is starting to fade, thanks to a combined use of the light and some skincare products aimed at reducing scarring. I’ve continued to use Lumie Clear consistently but cut the use down to 2-3 times per week as I’ve found this is sufficient at keeping my skin clear.
Lumie Clear See the Difference Sam Wk 12

Week 12 diary comment

I think it’s fair to say there is an enormous improvement in my skin from when I first started this challenge. When I look back at my first set of photos, I really can’t believe my acne was ever that bad. It used to be so painful and really knocked my confidence. Now, I am happy to be seen without makeup and I’m back to my old self. I couldn’t recommend the Lumie highly enough.