Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Week 1

Week 1 diary comment

I bought the Lumie Clear after having tried all sorts of topical treatments, both over the counter and prescription. Antibiotics are not suitable for me and I have suffered with acne for the last 20 years. The worst areas are my lower cheeks, jawline and neck, however for the last 12 months I have developed acne on my back and chest.

Having recently been diagnosed with PCOS, this is the contributing factor. I’m really excited to try Lumie and hope to see the improvements others have.

Zoe See the Difference Challenge week 2

Week 2 diary comment

I have used my Lumie for a total of an hour a day, in 4 areas of my face for 15 mins per area. I am not yet seeing an improvement in terms of acne and redness however I’ve really noticed a difference in how my skin feels to touch. It’s smooth and feels hydrated, in the past it has always been quite dry, flaky and rough.

Week 3 diary comment

I’ve continued to use the Lumie for a total of one hour per day on my cheeks, chin and neck. I am still benefiting from much smoother skin. I haven’t had any new breakouts on my cheeks and existing spots are healing quickly, however I have had a nasty breakout on my neck and chin with large, swollen, red cysts. I think this is likely caused by hair removal methods (PCOS causing hirsutism). Will persevere and hope the Lumie helps heal them quicker.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Zoe Week 4

Week 4 diary comment

I am seeing a reduction in the number of new spots this week. I have had only a couple of small whiteheads in the four areas I am using the Lumie daily on. This device definitely helps heal spots quicker, I had a very nasty cyst breakout on my neck last week which would usually take a good few weeks to clear up, however already they are hardly visible.

Lumie Clear See the Difference Challenge Zoe week 5

Week 5 diary comment

I have continued to use the Lumie light on each cheek and lower jawline for a total of an hour a day. I am seeing a reduction in the number of spots developing and also any that do are healed much quicker. I’m not yet at the stage where my skin is clear enough to go out without make-up however I am more confident in going bare-skinned around the house which is a great start.

Lumie Clear See The Difference

Week 6 diary comment

I’ve had a flare up this week which is hormonal and related to the time of the month. Usually this is the time when I would have a really bad breakout with cyst-like acne under the surface of the skin with stubborn redness. Daily use of the Lumie has made a real difference to the number of spots and the healing time. Really impressed!
Lumie Clear See The Difference Zoe Wk 7

Week 7 diary comment

I continue to use Lumie on my lower cheeks and jawline. Very few new spots are appearing now in these areas, I haven’t had any at all develop this week! As you can see from my 6 week photo I had two nasty red marks which have almost disappeared already. Very happy with the progress.

Lumie Clear See The Difference Zoe Week 8

Week 8 diary comment

Still seeing in improvements in my skin with the continued use of Lumie Clear and pleased with the significant reduction in the number of new spots appearing, now only 1 or 2 a week. Other than the odd spot my skin feels really smooth.
Lumie Clear See The Difference Zoe Wk 9

Week 9 diary comment

No new spots this week, despite it being my time of the month which is when I would usually get a real bad flare up. Hope the improvements continue!
Lumie Clear See the Difference Zoe Wk 10

Week 10 diary comment

I seem to have had a breakout of spots this week and some dry patches. I  think this is more to do with the birth control pill though as spots have reappeared in areas where I haven’t been using the Lumie such as my chest and back. Feeling down and fed up with it. The positive is that continuing to use Lumie on my cheeks and jawline has helped the new spots heal quicker. 

Lumie Clear See the Difference Zoe Wk 11

Week 11 diary comment

My skin is much clearer this week and the dry patches are improving. Lumie Clear is helping my skin feel smoother and softer to touch and a lot of old scars have faded too which is a nice bonus!

Lumie Clear See the Difference Zoe Wk 12

Week 12 diary comment

So after 12 weeks of continuous use I am really pleased with the difference in my skin, the number of spots and scars is greatly reduced. What the photos don’t show so clearly is just how great my skin feels, it’s smoother and softer to touch; before it was very dry and flaky and all types of moisturiser I tried would cause a break out whereas now my skin is hydrated and free from flakes without the use of a moisturiser. Using warm water only and Lumie Clear is definitely the best way to manage my skin. Really pleased and will continue to use this method as it works!