Teenager sees the light over use of antibiotics to treat acne

Amy photoBeing on antibiotics long term is not good for you as it upsets the good bacteria in your stomach.  Amy’s dad was concerned about his teenager taking antibiotics to treat acne and was keen to find a safe, gentle alternative.

Amy (14) has suffered from acne since the tender age of 9. Like many acne sufferers she’s used a wide range of products to try and treat her acne. As Amy explains: “At first I started with gels and then medicated face washes but they didn’t work , so for the last 3 years I’ve been prescribed antibiotics. This has helped to reduce my acne but the moment I stop taking them the spots come back.”

Having found something that helped treat her acne Amy was reluctant to stop taking them but her Dad was concerned.

Amy says “My doctor wanted to double my antibiotic dose and we were worried about the long-term effects of this and so we started looking up alternative methods. We found out about Lumie Clear online and then read up about it.”

Lumie Clear is a non-invasive method to treat acne using red and blue lights, which in clinical trials proved to be the most effective combination. Blue light penetrates the pores of the skin to destroy the bacteria that causes acne and the red light soothes inflammation and heals the skin.

When Amy next saw her dermatologist, whom she had recently been referred to, she asked him about light therapy and Lumie Clear.

“The dermatologist said it was fine to use, so Dad bought it for me.

“Within a week I noticed a difference. The redness of the spots went down and they got less angry and less visible. It helped reduce the actual number of spots too.

“It really made a difference to me, straightaway, and I liked that I could use it whilst getting on with other things, such as my homework.

“I use it for 15 minutes every day on my face, which is quite reasonable and possible, as you can get on with other stuff. The next time I saw my dermatologist he was much happier and felt there was no need to increase my medication because Lumie was making such a difference.

“Thanks to Lumie Clear, and my Dad for buying the device, I am much happier about my skin and I’d definitely recommend it to others, either for themselves to use or their children.”