Frequently asked questions about acne treatment with light therapy


Q Will light therapy work on any skin type?

Yes. LED light therapy is proven to work on all skin types and Lumie Clear can be applied to any part of the body affected by acne e.g. face, back, chest etc.


Q Is light therapy safe?

Light therapy has been used successfully in spas and dermatology clinics all over the world. Lumie Clear follows published research and is a safe and effective means to combat acne without burning or drying out your skin.

There is no risk of tanning from Lumie Clear, in fact the levels of UV (ultraviolet) light emitted are considerably lower than the limits imposed by international guidelines.

Unlike lasers, Lumie Clear is non-thermal, non-invasive and will not hurt.


Q Does Lumie Clear improve acne scarring?

A few Lumie Clear users have reported that their acne scars look better, possibly because the light may be stimulating collagen production, helping to plump and firm the skin, resulting in a smoother appearance and less obvious scars.

However, blue-red light therapy devices like Lumie Clear have not been clinically evaluated for their effects on acne scarring.

Lumie Clear will get rid of the bacteria in infected pores and heal current spots so this form of light therapy reduces the likelihood of scars developing – the ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach – but in the absence of scientific evidence we make no claims about its effectiveness at treating pre-existing scars.


Q How do I clean Lumie Clear?

We recommend you clean Lumie Clear whenever you’ve used it directly against your skin. Use an alcohol wipe or just a clean, damp cloth and warm water.


Q Can I use Lumie Clear with other acne treatments?

Lumie Clear can be used alone or with other skin care treatments. People taking medication such as roaccutane should consult their GP or dermatologist before using Lumie Clear. Please note: Lumie Clear is intended to be a natural treatment and a replacement for creams and medications.

Some medication, such as isotretinoin and topical retinoids, can cause the skin to react with light. If you are taking medication that might have this type of side effect (referred to as photosensitivity), please consult your doctor before using Lumie Clear.

As your acne improves with Lumie Clear, other acne treatments could be gradually reduced or stopped. This should be under the direction of your doctor if they have been prescribed.


Q When do I need to use the goggles?

Blue LEDs can be hazardous if you stare at them for a long time so it is recommended that you use the goggles provided with Lumie Clear during treatment sessions.


Q How often will I need to use Lumie Clear?

Lumie Clear works best if you use it every day since continued use will not only heal the infected areas but also prevent new spots forming.

After several weeks of daily use, many people find their skin is completely clear. If that’s the case, you can skip a day or two and see what happens; if you feel a new outbreak of spots appearing then go back to using Lumie Clear until your skin is better again. You may find you can manage your acne in this way and not have to use Lumie Clear every day.


Q How long does it take to use Lumie Clear?

It all depends whether you use Lumie Clear close to your skin or further away. For best results, use Lumie Clear up close, holding it right next to affected areas. Used like this, the recommended treatment time is 15 minutes a day. Remember to clean with an alcohol wipe – or just water and a clean, damp cloth – after each use.

If you prefer to use Lumie Clear further away – with it angled on the base unit so you can treat your shoulders, for example – then you will need to use it for an hour or so (depending on the distance) every day. You could split this into a number of short sessions if it’s more convenient for you; the effects of light therapy are cumulative, so you’ll still benefit.

For Lumie Clear to be effective, you must follow the distance/recommended treatment times as stated in the instruction booklet.


Q When should I see a difference with Lumie Clear?

Everybody’s different but, when used as recommended, you may see a difference in 4 weeks. Keep using Lumie Clear daily on each affected area and you should see excellent results in around 8 to 12 weeks.

Occasionally, people experience an initial ‘flare-up’ when they first start using Lumie Clear and their acne appears worse. If that happens, we recommend that you stop using Lumie Clear for a few days and then try again.

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