Using cosmeceuticals to improve the appearance of your skin?

Many women use cosmeceuticals to improve the appearance of their skin, but Ella has tried everything to get rid of her stubborn patch of acne.  She has discovered light therapy and is keen to see if that will make the difference.

light therapy and cosmeceuticalsShe says: ‘I have a small but very stubborn patch of middle-aged acne (for past 10+ years), and it won’t respond to antibiotics, cosmeceuticals for cyst-y kind of spots, or prescription creams. I want to avoid the nuclear option of Roaccutane and can’t risk the likely side effects of that, especially as the patch is relatively small and bad flare ups are not as frequent as for some people. But there’s never a good time for them to happen.

“I just happened to see the Lumie website, bought a refurbished Clear, and I am really hoping that it can do what nothing else has managed to do, and clear this up.”

Lumie has two lights blue to kill the bacteria that causes acne and red to soothe the inflammation and reduce redness.

Ella has joined our ‘See the Difference Challenge’ to help keep her motivated.

Just send us an email to with your pic and a short description of how you are doing each week and you will have the chance of winning a hotel break.

Light therapy is gentle, free from side-effects and can be used with your favourite cosmeceuticals, as long as they don’t make you photosensitive. With a 45 day money back guarantee what have you got to lose but your spots?

See the difference for yourself  with Lumie Clear.