What is light therapy?


Light therapy is clinically proven to be an effective treatment for acne – blue light kills the bacteria that cause acne, while red light reduces inflammation and heals the skin. In trials, patients with moderate acne reported a 76% improvement in inflammation after 12 weeks of blue and red light therapy with a 58% improvement in number of spots.

Lumie Clear is based on this light therapy, helping your skin to look better in 4 weeks, with a significant reduction in spots within 12 weeks. Occasional ‘top-up’ use of Lumie Clear will maintain this benefit, putting you in control of your skin. The hand-held device is easy to fit into your skincare regime and can be used on all skin types, by all ages, as acne can be a problem at any time of life.

Lumie Clear is clinically proven to be effective, but to ensure complete satisfaction there is a 45 day no-quibble, money back guarantee.


Lumie Clear, light therapy for acneAbout Lumie Clear

Lumie Clear has been developed with a team of scientists and dermatologists following research at Hammersmith Hospital, UK, that demonstrated the beneficial effects of light therapy. Dr Tony Chu, a consultant dermatologist at the hospital and founder of the Acne Support Group, found that patients with moderate acne reported a significant improvement of over 75% in the appearance of their skin within 12 weeks of using blue and red light therapy, compared to less than 30% of those using skin creams.

Dr Chu was concerned about the increasing use of antibiotics and steroids for treating acne and sees light therapy as a safe and effective alternative. Based on this research, Lumie Clear’s light range is specifically set at 415 nm for the blue light and 660 nm for the red light to optimise its beneficial impact.

Lumie Clear is a certified medical device and, like all Lumie products, is safe to use during pregnancy.



For rapid results it is advised to use Lumie Clear regularly, treating the affected area for 15 minutes every day. Once the skin is clear it can be used as required to maintain control of spots.

For larger areas, such as the back or chest, Lumie Clear can be placed on its special stand and used for a longer treatment time, so think of this as a spa treatment and catch up on your reading or emails while it works on your acne.

> More advice on using Lumie Clear.

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